City Council

Current Members:

Leslie DeSimone Mayor
Christine Fietsam Mayor Pro Tem
George Drake Council Person
Tony Messina Council Person
Mark Symonds Council Person

To contact the City Council, please contact the clerk at [email protected] or 248-332-3916 

City Council meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of the month unless noted on our City Calendar. 


Guidelines for Speakers Addressing Council

For the purpose of providing a uniform time for speakers addressing the City Council at city meetings, time specifications shall be established.  

  • The general rule is that each speaker shall identify themselves, state their address, and be permitted to speak for 3 minutes
  • A speaker that is representing several persons who are present at the meeting and who will not otherwise speak themselves shall be permitted to speak for 5 minutes with the Chair having authority on a case-by-case basis to extend that time up to 10 minutes if such an extension is justified by the subject matter.
  • As a matter of courtesy and respect for everyone's time, if a speaker has a position that has been expressed by an earlier speaker, rather than duplicating the statement the new speaker may merely express that they concur with the earlier speaker's position.