Charter / Ordinances

CLICK HERE to find our Ordinances and City Charter on Municode.

PLEASE NOTE: WE ARE CURRENTLY UPDATING OUR ORDINANCES THROUGH MUNICODE AND THE CURRENT STATE OF THE ORDINANCES IS NOT IN FINAL FORM.  This means that we have several ordinances that are not on the municode site and that the search functionality is not as granular as it will be in the future. 

Ordinances that have been passed but have not updated on the MuniCode Website:

#155 Ordinance re Natural Grade Restoration 1-5-2021

#156 Ordinance Re Pontoon Boats  (Nuisance)

#157 Ordinance Re Boat Motor Zoning Regulations

#158 Ordinance Re Conformity to Site Plan and Expiration of Approval

**Please note there are additional updates being added to our online ordinances. Please contact [email protected] with specific questions.