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City Charter and Ordinances

Permits and Applications can be found here

We want to help make outdoor improvements to residential property a quick and easy process for residents. Below is a short list of activities and the types of approvals that they may require. For more detailed information on improvements for your property:
1: Consult the City’s Online Code of Ordinances
2: Lake Angelus Building Department: Contact McKenna at (248) 596-0920

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission generally meets on the 4th Tuesday of the month.  Please consult our calendar for upcoming dates.  Should you wish to be added to the planning commission agenda, please contact  McKenna at (248) 596-0920

Guidelines & Reminders from our Building Department

50-foot Rule of Thumb

What we do within 50 feet of Lake Angelus is likely to affect the whole community, especially when all changes are considered together. For improvements near the lakeshore or any plan involving MDEQ, please contact us for assistance.

Before You Cut Trees!

Please make sure you have reviewed our Woodland Guidance

Everyday Residential Activities

No City Approval Needed

  • Cutting or trimming vegetation that leaves the plant in a viable condition
  • Flower or vegetable gardening at least 25 feet from the lake
  • Installation of a seasonal dock that is less than 75 feet in length

Semi-Permanent Improvements

Administrative Approval (Check with McKenna for permits requirement)

  • Fences and entrance gates
  • Removal of trees within 50 feet of the lake
  • Planting trees and shrubs along property lines and near the lakeshore
  • Soil stabilization and erosion controls
  • New driveways, sidewalks, and other paving
  • Landscape Lighting and irrigation systems

Substantial Land Improvements

Site Plan Approval by Planning Commission

  • Construction of buildings, retaining walls, fire pits, and similar structures
  • Moving of soil or grading on any residential property
  • Any Special Land Use as defined in the zoning code

Potential to Effect the Community

Site Plan and Special Land Use Approval by City Council

  • Construction or reconstruction of buildings or structures, or any change in ground surface features within 50 feet of the lake
  • New or replacement access routes to the waterfront
  • Stormwater management within 50 feet of the lake
  • Construction/replacement/reconstruction of a seawall
  • Moving of soil or grading within 50 feet of the lake

Permits & Inspections

Inspections can be scheduled Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Building and Zoning Department Administration
Judy Whittle 
Ph: (248) 596-0920
Email: [email protected]

Make checks payable to City of Lake Angelus

Construction Code of Conduct

Owners should communicate with their neighbors by explaining their project, expected duration of construction, and sharing names of key contacts who will be on site. Owners and builders should proactively identify and resolve potential problems with neighbors by initiating communication about any concerns or questions adjoining property owners may have before the start of and throughout the project.

Day/Hours of permissible operation -

Monday through Friday 8 am - 6 pm

Saturday 10 am – 5 pm

Learn More by Reading our Construction Code of Conduct


For additional building questions please contact McKenna.

2015 International Property Maintenance Code

Tips on Home Improvement Projects