LA Sound Bight

Know Before You Go!

  1. Verify that the boat (and all safety equipment) is in good working condition.
  2. Be sure that there is at least one life jacket for each person on board.
  3. Water skiers, wake boarders, surfers, and Stand Up Paddlers (SUPs) must wear a PFD.
  4. You must have a spotter on board when towing a person(s).
  5. Be sure to have a throw cushion, fire extinguisher, grab hook, etc. just in case.
  6. Know that it is illegal to operate a watercraft while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.
  7. Be sure the way is clear before you take off. A boat already underway has the right of way.
  8. Operate all watercraft counter clockwise around the lake.
  9. Know the rules of the road. For example, sailboats have the right of way.
  10. Do not create an unnecessary wake for other boaters, fisherman, skiers, etc. The captain is responsible for his/her boat and its wake.
  11. Keep the proper distance from other boaters, docks, swimmers, rafts and shorelines while underway. Lake Angelus regulations require a 200-foot space. That’s about 10 ski boat lengths.


  • Observe the time restrictions and respect people’s quiet time.
  • NO wake after 8 pm and before 9 am from Memorial Day through Labor Day.
  • Boats operating after dark must have navigation lights. Docking lights are for docking only.
  • Stay alert to fallen skiers, tubers, surfers.
  • Swimmers, snorkelers, skin divers should be cautious in the middle of the lake. BE SEEN!

More to do…

  • Review Lake Angelus Boating and Safety Rules in their entirety
  • Stay current with boater safety courses


Your PFD must fit properly to work properly...

  • To ensure the proper fit - have the wearer put on the PFD and adjust straps as ecessary to ensure a snug fit.
  • A properly fitted PFD will not ride higher than the ears or mouth of the wearer.
  • Test PFDs in the water to ensure they can hold your weight. You should get used to swimming with a PFD.
  • A PFD is only effective if you are wearing one!


Communication is key...

Towed water sports can be fun, but noisy...
Everyone on board, as well as the person being towed, has to use hand signals to communicate their intentions. Memorize proper hand signals for:
Return to Dock - pat your head with your right hand
Rider Okay - hold hands together over your head
Rider Down - hold up your ski or wake board for greater visibility
Speed Up - thumb up
Slow Down - thumb down

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